If you are planning on getting a manicure and want to try gel nails, you need to be prepared for what you are getting into. Gel manicures are going to leave your nails looking fresh and beautiful. Your nails are going to look glossy and bright. Read on to learn more about gel nails.

One of the big benefits of gel nails is how glossy they are. They are also strong. You can expect your manicure to last up to two weeks and your nails are not going to chip. If you want to enjoy beautiful nails that are going to look fresh and new for two weeks you need to invest in a good gel manicure.

Your nails look amazing when you have this type of manicure. Regular manicures leave your nails looking chipped and ragged in just a few days. Regular nail polish is so prone to chipping that you have to avoid doing just about anything if you don't want to deal with your nails chipping and looking bad.

Nothing can match the longevity of gel nails. Your nails are going to truly look amazing and the effects last for such a long time that you can't beat having this type of manicure done.

You will have to expose your nails to a UV light. The UV light is used to cure the polish so it stays on for a long time. You have to spend some time under the UV light so you get a hard cure on your nails.

There is a bit of downside to UV exposure. If you spend too much time under the UV lamp you could end up with more wrinkles or even skin cancer. This isn't a problem if you only have your nails done once in a while. If you end up having your nails done all the time, the UV exposure could be an issue so you need to think about this if you want to have your nails done twice a month. One way to avoid the risk of the UV light is to use a sunscreen before your manicure.

When you go in for your manicure you get to choose the colour of polish that you want. Once you have chosen the colour, the manicurist is going to clean your nails. If you have already had a gel manicure your nails will need to be soaked for around 10 minutes in nail polish remover.

Treat your nails well in between manicures. You will want to apply conditioning treatments to your nails and cuticles every night for at least a week before you have your next manicure. Cuticle oil is going to be a must. Gel manicures give you perfect nails, but you need to make sure that you take care of your nails when you use gel nail polish.

You can also use the oil to relax. If you find that it is hard to relax, the oil can help you relax naturally. You won't have to take pain medication and you end up getting powerful relief right away. You won't have to take a long time to deal with your pain issues and you feel better fast.